Leave your work, bring your passion

Do you get excited about extraordinary experiences? Join a community of over 25 likeminded makers, doers, and dreamers for a co-creation-filled retreat. Designed to inspire and transform, Stone Soup invites attendees to craft extraordinary experiences for each other, providing a space to experiment, evolve one’s craft, and explore curiosities.

Stone Soup’s community boasts a peculiar range of talents, from award-winning experience designers to viral artists to celebrated escape room makers.

Some of your peers will be:


Hannah - Berkeley

Viral artist and author


Andrew - Texas

Experience design PHD candidate


Shereen - Oakland

Yoga instructor, jewelry maker


Pim - Amsterdam

Mystery experience designer


Experience the Extraordiary

Inspired by the legendary College of Extraordinary Experiences in Poland, the retreat will balance a curated program with that which organically emerges.

Expect experiences like:

  • Creating thought-provoking games anyone can play
  • Exploring the secrets of adventure design
  • Cooking & feasting upon food from the farm
  • Reading to each other in funny accents
  • Upping your singing ante with a musical game
  • Getting your hands dirty with farming

What experiences are you curious to create?


Design the space you want to share

You have the freedom to transform the world, it's your blank canvass, your stage, your Sim City 2000. Curious as to what that means exactly? Good.


Share costs, it's a weekend with friends

$199 for DIY Camping (10 of 15 spots available), includes:
$60 - (3) nights camping
$52 - Farm/barn event spaces
$20 - Insurance, license, supplies
$66 - Scholarship fund (50% of cost)

$339 for a farmhouse bed (1 of 24 spotsavailable), includes:
$160 - Three nights in shared bedroom
$120 - Farm/Barn Event Spaces
$28 - Insurance, License, Supplies
$31 - Scholarship Fund (10% of cost)

Limited scholarships are available to those who need them. This is a gathering of friends, not a business. Everyone splits costs, including organizers. Food and drink will be a separate cost.


Practice the Principles

Creating Stone Soup takes vulnerability, trust, and leaps of faith.  All are expected to embrace these principles to ensure we're playing by the same rules. 

Enthusiastic Consent
Only do when the doing is rewarding, not because of peer pressure or hope of a future reward. Create space for opting-out.

Embrace everyone, and seek people different than you. Stone Soup is for people of all identities, backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities. 

Positive Transformation
Be respectful, compassionate, and honest with yourself and others. Avoid getting drunk/high/?, as it will reduce your ability to engage in positive transformation.

Do, or it won't happen. Transformation derives from action. This entire retreat is yours for the taking. There's no hierarchy, there's only do-acracy.

Yes, and
Give confirmation of what’s working well, be inspired by it, and add on to it. Avoid having a negating “No, But” attitude, it’s a creativity killer.

Make Stone Soup

Everyone participating in Stone Soup will be active in making it happen. We'll send you a follow-up email by tomorrow.

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