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Stone Soup

July 26 - July 29, 2019
Kaldenbroeck, The Netherlands


Apply for Stone Soup (Bed €275)

We'll review your application and give you a response within 5 working days.

Name *
Examples: (co-)host a workshop, creating the opening ceremony, make a logo, preparing snacks, taking video and photos, empowering others in creating experiences, designing the look and feel of the camp, etc... All organization and preparation for Stone Soup relies on participants volunteering their efforts.
Do you have any preference for meal team? *
This helps determine teams
All meals are vegetarian
Kickoff Video Call
You will meet all other participants, including your meal team. This is crucial for planning meals and experiences with each other. July 1, 7-9pm CEST has been identified as the time that works for most participants.
Each participant's name and descriptor/title will be on the website. The purpose is to give visitors and your campmates a sense of the diverse talent of participants. Just tell us if you'd rather not have your name shown. Your picture won't be shown.
Please provide a link your name should link to. This could be your business website, portfolio, linked page, Facebook page - whatever you want to introduce yourself with.
All participants are expected to arrive by 10am Friday 26th, and stay until 11am Monday July 29th. The camp is a 2hr car ride from Amsterdam and 30min. from Venlo by public transport.
Specify in any way you'd like. It helps a bit towards finding diversity.
Specify in any way you'd like. It helps a bit towards finding diversity.