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The Forest is at Agroturystyka SPA
ul. Kluczwody 3, 32-082 Zelków

Please use Uber or Bolt to transport yourself from the Airport to The Forest. It costs around $10.

When you arrive, you’ll likely see a fellow traveler who will help you out. If not, knock on the door to the brown house and ask for Marzena, the innkeeper.

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Prep and Packing

You’re expected to be an independent traveler, without the help of Magda and Seth. During the Forest, you can relax - everything will be fully taken care of. Here are some questions to help you out.

  • Is your passport up to date?

  • Do your credit cards know you’re traveling?

  • There will be hair dryers, but do you have other toiletries and medications?

  • Do you have attire for variable autumn weather and outdoor adventures?

  • Do you know how to say cześć?

The Vibe

The Forest is an immersive and communal wedding festival from September 17 to 23. The intention is for wedding travelers to experience moments joy and meaning together. With access to a warm inn, medieval city, and rugged forests, a variety of activities will be be facilitated by your fellow travelers.

You’re invited, but not required, to facilitate an activity during the week, such as a:

  • Workshop (e.g. yoga, life design, fire breathing)

  • Adventure (e.g. rock climbing, Krakow exploration, night hike)

  • Experience (e.g. blind taste test, role-playing game, 12-handed massage)

Add your activity to the list


Each day has a primary intention, listed below. You can choose your own adventure from the multiple activities available every day or do your own thing.

Tuesday, Sep 17 - Arrive, and hangout at The Inn

Wednesday, Sep 18 - Face fears in The Forest

Thursday, Sep 19 - Seek treasure in Krakow

Friday, Sep 20 - Rest and prep at The Inn

Saturday, Sep 21 - Celebrate Seth & Magda at The Castle

Sunday, Sep 22 - Recover with communal brunch at The Inn

Monday, Sep 23 - Leave The Inn

Lodging & Food

We’re staying at Agroturystyka Spa (it’s better than the website shows), which is a series of 3 houses along a stream near the base of a forest.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are pescatarian and provided by the innkeeper

  • You’ll have your own bed in, most likely in a shared room

  • There’s a hot tub, sauna, fire pit, and a few communal rooms

  • Wi-fi access is available for those that need to stare at screens


The Surrounding Area

The Inn is 25 mins from Krakow, a city filled with art, history, and nightlife.

Within 10km of The Inn there’s a few beautiful forests and parks, like Ojców National Park, a forest filled with castles and caves.