Create a magical wedding

We’d love to have your help making the wedding special. Email Seth if you’d like to offer an activity or performance to a small or large crowd.

Arrival & Departure

Ceremony starts at 15:00, September 21st
Zamek Korzkiew, Korzkiew, 32-088 Przybysławice

The reception is at the same location.

Arrive using Uber, Bolt, or Taxi. There’s limited parking. If you’re staying at The Forest, Tomaszow or Zacisze a hired shuttle will take you to the ceremony, leaving by 14:15. 

Depart using our hired shuttle between 23:00-5:00.

What to bring

  • A fed stomach, as dinner will start at 17:30

  • Fun outside games, like bocce ball and frisbee

  • Children’s toys, as there will be about 6-8 children


If you’re reading this, we appreciate you and it’s a gift to simply have you at our wedding. 

In a few months, we’re moving to USA and have limited space for material things. If you'd like to support us, we’d be grateful for any donations to help us transition to another continent together.


If you’d like, be inspired by our enchanted forest theme and color combo of dusty blue with wildflowers. Feel free to express yourself in a way that will make you happy.


If you need lodging, we recommend Dwor w Tomaszowie and if you end up staying there, please email Magda so she can help get you on the shuttle to the ceremony.

Day After Brunch

Please join us for the Day After Brunch held in Agroturystyka SPA at ul. Kluczwody 3, 32-082 Zelków from 10:00-16:00, September 22nd.